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This website is about Gratitude, Thanks and Appreciation of Blessings received.

My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with the little known Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) in 2017. Paralysis, loss of speech, tremors, seizures and scary hallucinations, it’s been a long, painful and bewildering journey. December 2019, she’s walking and talking again – our miracle.



Practicing gratitude every day is, quite simply, your pathway towards better mental health, a clearer sense of self and an understanding of just how important you are.

Why be Grateful?

Because you’re awesome!


Goals provide us with something to look forward to, to aim towards and gives us the opportunity to tick things off as we go.

Being able to do this enables us to acknowledge and appreciate our personal milestones and achievements as they happen as well as the opening we might need to share these wins with others.

2020 is all about appreciating the blessings that I have and ‘giving back’.

To that end, everything on this website is free


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